Sail, for those looking
to learn Japanese online

The app is free to download (there are in-app purchases)


Sail is a global communication service that helps you
connect with Japanese people online,
and learn about Japanese and Japanese culture via conversation.

  • FEATURES 1 The app allows you to easily connect with Japanese people to speak to them in Japanese.

  • FEATURES 2 If you purchase a paid subscription, there is no limitation on your usage.
    You will be able to access it as many times as you would like each month.

  • FEATURES 3 Choose your topics of interest and match with conversation partners.


Registration for Sail is quick and easy.

  • step1

    Register an Account

    To register an account, Submit your email address, your identity, and conversation topics you're interested in.

  • step2

    Reserve a Conversation

    You can choose and reserve conversations from available conversation schedules.

  • step3

    Talk with Japanese

    On the reserved time you will receive a notification to prompt you to start the conversation. Each conversation lasts for 25 minutes.

The app is free to download (there are in-app purchases)


People from all over the world are using Sail
to meet and speak with Japanese people.

  • Diana / Mexico

    I have time studying Japanese, but I felt a little incomplete because I was only talking to myself so one day I decided to investigate if there was no application with which I could talk to native people so I found Sail who has seemed splendid to me in many ways since to begin with it employs older adults, but also young adults, which not in many places worry about doing so. And in a matter of treatment I think that you can not ask for more kindness in this world, also the people you speak with are so charismatic, I am very grateful that I can talk to them because they correct me when my sentences are badly said, they also expand my vocabulary and the more I talk to them my diction improves, for my part I do not consider them only users but for me they are friends who, with all respect, help each other because there is no lack of someone who is interested in my Spanish and although right now it is not very good writing in Japanese at least the spoken one if I have improved it noticeably. I am one of the people who firmly believe that only with desire and perseverance can you achieve things and since I met this app and with the friends I have already made, I will continue studying Japanese so that my future plans that I have for when I travel to Japan go well. because I may have other problems, but not by communication and with all my heart I thank those who are able to let people like me use this platform to find such beautiful people and I also thank my friends for the patience and time they gave me. provide.

  • Omkar / India


  • Rosa / Venezuela

    Thanks to this app my Japanese has received a huge level up. I had around 10 years studying japanese by myself but never practiced my talking skill before. In Sail I have the opportunity to know and talk with people from different japan regions , (sometimes even in other countries !!) that is a big plus not only can learn about japan also about other countries if you wanna know about something the best thing is asking directly to someone that lives there , you can talk about daily things like sports, muscianime, foods, hobbies and learn about cultural differences. It Is one of the best experience I haved , I learn a lot and enjoy talking with them also I am glad I can show a little about my country and my own culture.







The app is free to download (there are in-app purchases)


The app is free to download (there are in-app purchases)


Speak an unlimited amount
each month at an affordable price.


    $0/ mo

    Unlimited conversations
    2 weeks trial
    Expires in 2 weeks

    $9.90/ mo

    Unlimited conversations
    1 month recurring

The app is free to download (there are in-app purchases)



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