Internet: 15 Mbps upstream / 15 Mbps downstream or more
OS: Windows8/Macintosh macOS10/Android5.1 or later
Camera: 640 x 480 or higher resolution
Microphone: 100-15,000Hz
Browser: Latest version of Google Chrome
Earphones: Any type

*Please note that some HUAWEI tablets and smartphones may not be compatible.

  1. Press the calendar icon, located bottom right.
  2. Select date.
  3. Select the person you would like to talk with.
  4. “Confirm” your booking.
  5. Select “Ok” to complete your booking.

When the booking time comes, open the Sail App and your conversation will start automatically.

** No need to use other Chat services such as Zoom. 

You can reset your password from the login screen by tapping “Forgot Password?”.


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Please try reconnecting.

If the connection is still unstable for over 10 minutes, you can leave the conversation.

Press “Close”.

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