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A message from our CEO

A message from our CEO

Curiosity x Wisdom=?
What would you put as the solution to this equation?

In my university days, my answer was "wandering." In addition to studying abroad twice, I roamed through 30 foreign countries like a traveler who failed to return home. Meeting people who had different languages, different ways of thinking, and different experiences truly excited me.

Different opinions, different skills, different people, different cultures, different dimensions, different sexes, different religions, different occupations...

Encountering things that are "different" wraps us in feelings of nervousness, liberation, and exaltation. That's why, when we add "x different" to our previous equation of "curiosity x wisdom," the solution moves from being two-dimensional to three-dimensional, causing it to bloom with even more charm, to the point of bursting.

Now, the business we have started up naturally focuses on the chemical reactions that cause this "difference" to occur.

Establishing different value systems as a cornerstone, we bring forth new value systems. Moreover, we can create a win-win situation by using our strengths to make up for the weaknesses of others. Above all, our vision includes using a whole new approach to solve problems, such as educational problems in emerging nations, human resource development issues, and the aging populations and human resource shortages of advanced nations.

For example, curiosity and a love of learning are not enough for youth in emerging nations that do not know how to even attempt to solve these problems. On the other hand, even though the senior citizens of Japan have wisdom, knowledge, life experience, and wealth, they have not been blessed with the place and opportunity to use these resources effectively.

What they need is to peer into the window of the world. This window is a magic portal, connecting different people that were never fated to meet with extreme ease. And if they just open that window, they will be able to change their deadlocked present and future.

This is what we believe.

Our company name, Helte, comes from Danish and means “one who grants dreams and wishes.” If you were to ask us for our solution to the “curiosity x wisdom” equation, we would boldly say that it is this job. Please try the “small window that peers into the world" that we dissenters propose. We’re excited to prepare many windows for you.

Manabu Goto

NEWS Talked in a social business event "CROSSPOINT"

Feb 27th, 2016 - Introduced in a social business idea event "CROSSPOINT" as one of finalists, we explained our service "Sail". They discussed many topics of social problems in Kamiya-cho, Tokyo, and it was a great opportunity for us to exchange ideas with ones who challenge in the field.

In our presentation we shared a big problem to which we currently face in super-aging society and shortage of working population in Japan, and our coming features and expectations of our business. From 2017 to 2025, we clarified our vision for a long term solution and made sure of our goal.

R-SIC CROSSPOINT @Kamiya-cho, Tokyo

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Feb 27th, 2016
Talked in a social business event "CROSSPOINT"
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For Japanese Learners

  • Talk in Japanese with people who live in Japan
  • Learn seniors' actual experience and knowledge outside textbooks
  • Ask questions for your dream to success
  • Also available for universities and language schools
For Japanese Learners

For Japanese Participants

Enjoy talking with people abroad

  • Connect to society by talking in Japanese with foreign young people
  • Contribute on young people education with your experience and knowledge through language learning
  • Here you can challenge new things
  • Also available in elderly houses and nursing homesIt would be a big opportunity for foreign labors
For Japanese Participants
Recruitment Office

To our future colleagues who will help us create a service that overcomes age and race

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